Learn to receive feedback


Development doesn’t stop when you graduate, or when you earn a certificate for a training course at work. If you really want to boost your professional development you have to go further. This course stresses the importance of feedback for boosting professional development and explains how you can use feedback effectively in your daily working life.


On completion of this course, you will have a greater understanding of:

  • Rephrasing
  • Active listening
  • Using feedback to boost professional development
  • How to use constructive conflict to boost social learning
  • Seek critical feedback to boost your development
  • Learning from failure means learning that lasts
  • Beware of misinterpretations!
  • The Feedback wrap
  • Only perception counts
  • Ask for feedback



CPD Points: 1.5

CPD Duration (hours): 1.5

Access: 12 months from purchase date

Price: £45.00 (excludes VAT)